Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coming of age

The gay scene has really come of age, comparing it today and a couple of years ago. Today you will come across happy gay boys and men mingling freely with out fear and shame everywhere across town. Coming out a couple of years ago, especially in Nairobi, would be like handing yourself over to the hangman at the gallows. Today there are so many gay men who are openly out and enjoying the good things life has to offer. Number of gay people has grown in leaps and bounds, leaving me to wonder whether all these men are really gay or wannabe's (Wannabe gays will be another day's post).

But all that matters is that gay people are happy. However one question remains to be answered; will the conservative Kenyan society come to accept and live with the fact that gays are here to stay?

Happy New Year

Happy 2010 folks!!! What a start it has been but its all great. 2009 was quite an interesting year with lots of stuff happening. 2010 will probably be a better and brighter year, I hope.

Resolutions? Have y'all made your resolutions for the new year? Hope you have and are follwing them to the letter so far. Fortunately, I don't make any resolutions. Me thinks that's a whole load of crap. The only resolution I'd probably make (and I think I might just do that) is to GET LAID OVER AND OVER THIS YEAR!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The wedding that shook the country

I have been away for a while and events that have happened in the last week have prompted me to make a come back way before my scheduled return. As a freelance journalist, I can choose when to work and when to take a break. I decided to take a break from work for 3 months and that meant that I wouldn't blog for all that time. That rest has done me well and I'm now back.

Now 2 Kenyan men wed in London and the whole country comes out in abhoring homosexuality. I'd be happier if everyone kept quiet and act like nothing happened. When a Bishop is busted butt naked in bed with a relative's wife and frog-marched to the police station nude, the country selectively chooses to sweep that under the carpet. So many other ills of this rotten society are swept under the carpet and yet 2 men can't be allowed to live their lives peacefully. Oh please, spare us the high horse and double standards hypocracy. You sleep with your daughters and your wives sleep with their sons....Oh c'mon the list is endless....

Gay men, go ye and live your life, enjoy it to the fullest and let no one bring you down. I might as well to the UK and get married!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Moving on...

It's been a couple of weeks since my good friend Peter broke up with his boyfriend, or rather been dumped by the boyfriend. It has never been easy for anyone to move on after such an emotional break up. Research however shows that men have a tendancy of moving on very easily and quickly compared to the ladies. They tend to focus more on other matters like careers, money, investment and good living. They do not let the emotional distress bog them down.

I'm quite impressed by the progress Peter has made and I am almost concluding that the break up was long overdue. His career is taking a new turn and his investments are starting to grow. He told me that over the weekend that he is taking a mortgage for a new apartment...how great is that? Guys, don't stick on to a relationship that is not taking you no where!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Tacos, the only gay friendly bar that I know has turned against its only loyal customers, the gay people. I have always avoided that bar for obvious reasons! Why would I want to hang out where every underage gay boy and old gay predator man frequents? Why would I want to hang out in a joint where my security is not guaranteed? Nah, that isn't my type of joint...fogive my arrogant taste!

I am informed that the joint has once again kicked out gay people from its premises. Last time they did that, they ended up warming themselves to gay people because their revenues dwindled significantly. Surprisingly, I have seen a group on Facebook called 'Tacos Sirudi Tena' (I am not going back to Tacos). My biggest question is where are all those bitches who liked sitting at the balcony at Tacos to gossip going to go? I doubt there is a joint that would accept them! Or maybe they can gossip at the comfort of their homes!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ooooh facebook breakups!

Who doesn't like facebook? Everyone does, me included. My blackberry has beared all the brunt of facebook, only if it could speak!

Since they keep changing the format, more and more of people's private life is being exposed. I have being seeing many of those "X is no longer listed in a relationship" or "Y is now single" or "K is now in a complicated relationship" updates in the last couple of weeks!

The shocker is the rate at which people are breaking up on facebook. Peter called me yesterday and from his tone, he was mad and not happy. "He broke up with me" he said! "And the worst part is that he did it over facebook! He couldn't even call or text me!"

If you're the kind of guy who breaks up with your boy over facebook, then I think you ain't man enough! You are a pathetic loser, idiot and your guy didn't deserve you in the first instance. GROW SOME BALLS!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Best Friends Forever"

What do you do when you straight female 'bff' tells you that she loves you and she knows very well that you have a boyfriend? RUN TO THE HILLS!!!

After clearing my paper work on Monday, I went to the coffee shop opposite our offices where my bff joined me for coffee. We have been tight friends ever since college and our friendship become more tighter when I came out to her. A few months ago she expressed what she felt for me, LOVE! I made it clear that we could only be friends.

We have quarrelled enough times over this issue and she won't get it. Then it hit me, ladies love committed men or married men! The other day while having drinks I noticed some interest from ladies simply because I'd won a ring! Oh please, ladies, you can't be that cheap!

Call me mean, but on Monday, I told her off! "You got to choose, our friendship or forget me completely! In fact, if you have noticed, I have been avoiding you for the last one month!"